What goes up DOESN'T have to come down . . .

Often our clients have money they want to save for their golden years.  And we know you want that money to be safe and secure.  And you sure don't want that amount to decrease because the stock market has a bad year.

Some clients have a retirement plan from a former employer (like a 401K) that's just sitting there, forgotten. Sometimes it's a lump-sum payment received when you retire from a job.  Or sometimes it's just money you have saved over the years you just don't know what to do with - but you're sure it should be earning more.

Talk to us about an investment option for your retirement savings that offers you the best of both worlds.  It can grow in value during good years - but it's guaranteed never to decrease in value.  So you never have to worry about your nest egg disappearing.

Any of our accountants can discuss this option with you.  It's a great option for people who aren't experts at the stock market game and don't want to bother following Wall Street every day - but would like more that you can get from just a bank CD.

Note - please see the investment brochure and contract for details.