Frequently Asked Questions.

How much will it cost to do my taxes?

We get this one a lot!  Guess what?  There isn't a single answer.  That's because every tax return is different.  Some tax returns are very basic.  Some tax returns are more complex.  Each tax return is priced on how complex we find your tax situation.  A "standard" tax returns costs around $150.  More complicated returns will obviously be more than that.  "Short form" returns may cost no more than $125.  It's tough to say how much your tax return will cost until we see all the parts that make up your tax year.

All our fees include preparation of your federal tax return, state tax returns as required, local tax returns as required, as well as electronic filing of all returns.  Clients also receive full year support with tax issues.

What are your hours?

We provide client service on a year-round basis.

During tax season (February 1 thru April 15) we are open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.  Saturday hours are 8:30 a.m until 4 p.m.  We are closed on Sunday.

Our January hours as we get ready for filing season are Monday - Thursday 9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

The rest of the year - May through December - our hours are limited.  We are open Monday and Wednesday from 9:30 a.m until 3:00 p.m.  Closed Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and weekends.  Additional hours are available by appointment.

Please note our offices are closed December 24 through January 2.

You may always reach us by voicemail 484-494-4300 and email 

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring all your important tax papers - when in doubt, bring it!  This means W2 forms from your job, bank interest statements, mortgage interest, real estate taxes . . . this list is getting long!  In short, bring everything you think might be related to your taxes.  We'll sort it out, use what is needed and return the rest to you.

See the page link above titled "What to Bring" for a more complete list.

If you are a new client, we will ask you to bring your prior year income tax return with you also.  We need last year's tax return as a reference.  If we prepared your taxes last year, we have your return in our archives and you won't need to bring it with you.

Oh, and bring a check or some cash.  You'll need to pay us!

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes.  We do not handle "walk-in" clients.  Give us a call at 484-494-4300 and we will schedule an appointment for you.  Or email us at .

Can I drop-off my tax paperwork or mail it to you?

Absolutely!  We handle drop-off work and mail-in work all tax season long.  If you're in the neighborhood, just come by our office and leave your work with the receptionist.  We'll get to it as quickly as possible and give you a call when things are done.  If the office happens to be closed (not likely!) just use the mail slot on our office door.

You can also mail your tax paperwork to us.  Be certain to provide a phone number, email address or other way we can contact you.  It's also important that you enclose a note detailing any changes to your tax situation.  Our mailing address is on our Home Page.

Can I pay for my tax return from my refund?

Unfortunately, no.  Payment is made at the time your tax return is prepared.  We accept cash and checks - no credit cards, please.  There is an ATM machine conveniently located in our shopping center.

Do your offer Instant Refunds or anything like that?

No, we don't.  And here's why.  In the old days when tax returns were printed on paper and mailed away, it took at least a month to get your refund check - sometimes a lot longer than that!!  Those days are gone.

When we electronically file your tax return, you will receive your refund very quickly - generally within 10-12 days.  We believe that taking hundreds of dollars in fees from your refund so that you get your money about one week sooner is a bad deal.  And we don't look for bad deals for our clients.

Where are you located?

Our clean and modern offices are easy to find.  We're at 2173 MacDade Blvd. in Holmes, PA - in the same shopping center as Family Dollar.  Look for the two story office building with the clock tower.  We're located on the second floor of that building - it's called the "Holmes Business Center" - in Suite N.  There are stairs at either end of the building and elevator access for those who need it.

What about all the other services you offer?

If you are interested in our business accounting, payroll, new business formation, financial counseling, retirement investments or other services, just give us a call!  We'll be happy to answer questions and schedule a time to meet with you.